5 Benefits of Cloud Services for a remote workforce

83%1 of employers say they’ve made a successful shift to remote work. Most businesses are settled into these remote and hybrid work arrangements going into 2022, and many are evaluating where they can make improvements to their telecom and IT infrastructure. Sound like a familiar undertaking? You might need the support of a managed cloud services […]

One provider for your business’s Managed Cloud Services

Finding the right network and cloud communication solutions has become essential for today’s businesses. Whether you’re running a bootstrapped startup or a large corporation, your business needs reliable and versatile network connectivity and cloud communication options. Similarly, you need to provide your employees with the right tools to collaborate with each other and interact with […]

PBX vs. VoIP: Everything you need to know

Having a quality phone system is essential for running your business. However, what is right for your business when it comes to PBX vs. VoIP as an office phone system? In general, both options provide all of the features you’ll want from a business phone system. However, there are significant differences in initial expenses, maintenance […]

9 biggest mistakes IT makes when deploying a new phone system

Communications are the lifeblood of any business. It’s the primary way your business connects and collaborates with customers, employees, and partners. With virtually all companies making the shift to digital, upgrading business communication systems has become essential. Legacy technology can’t support the needs of today’s digital world, which has led to emerging IT companies to […]

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