How SD-WAN technology makes digital transformation a reality

Digital transformation is one of the top strategies many organizations are pursuing to increase their competitive edge. The pandemic forced a greater focus on digital transformation because the business world needed to move toward hybrid workforces as the workforce of the future. SD-WAN technology, the cloud, and IoT are the three key technologies that are making digital transformation work.

What Is SD-WAN Technology?

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) are critical because your network must have advanced capabilities to support digital transformation. The days when all networks operated within data centers and were accessed by users in office locations using direct connections are gone.

Today, networks need to support communications from office locations to the cloud, and from users located around a region or around the world to a variety of on-premise and cloud providers. In addition, since so much of your business operations are digitized, you need your network to be fast and to operate uninterrupted 24/7/365. Until SD-WAN technology became available, that was a very difficult challenge.

Here are a few reasons why SD-WAN is making digital transformation a reality for modern businesses:

Software Driven

SD-WAN technology adds a layer of intelligence for real-time visibility and control over network and application performance. You no longer need to worry about using internet connections for keeping your business running. Rather than using expensive routing hardware, you’ll be able to provision connections and services from a single location. SD-WAN technology gives you the flexibility to scale your network operations to account for peak demands.


You’ll be able to set configuration policies that the software will use to select the type of connections that are most appropriate for a particular type of communication. For example, the communications required to run a video meeting can receive precedence over the delivery of an email. As a result, you can optimize the use of the network options you have available to save money and provide better service.

Remote Support

SD-WAN technology also gives you the ability to allow users to connect with sensitive systems from anywhere, using any device. That type of flexibility and security is the foundation of the hybrid workforce. Using SD-WAN, your remote workers will feel as though they’re working from an office location because they’ll have the same flexibility, performance, security, and dependability.

Turn To Momentum for Award-Winning SD-WAN Technology

Momentum offers Navigator SD-WAN powered by Juniper Networks as our flagship SD-WAN service. We provide our customers with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Simplified hardware that runs on universal CPE hardware
  • Big bandwidth savings due to tunnel-free SD-WAN
  • Ironclad security to protect even your most sensitive business data
  • A path of last resort using 4G/LTE uplinks to ensure your network is always accessible
  • Upgrades to your voice capabilities without expensive truck rolls

Experience the Momentum Difference for Yourself

At Momentum, we meet and/or exceed our customers’ expectations in all areas of service and support. We call this the Momentum Difference. Trust Momentum to deliver:

  • Measurable voice quality to improve performance and enhance the customer experience
  • Advanced services using the latest technologies
  • Superior customer support

If you’re ready to explore SD-WAN technology for your digital transformation, Momentum can be your guide. Contact us today to get started.

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