Copilot AI in Teams

Bring powerful AI capabilities to
Microsoft Teams

Make every Microsoft Teams meeting, message, and call count with Microsoft’s sophisticated, enterprise-ready AI.

Sophisticated, Enterprise-Ready AI

Enhance communication, collaboration and productivity with

Host Smarter Meetings

Summarize talking points and clarify complex topics during meetings. Stay focused on the conversation and keep everyone up to speed with accurate live transcription.

Enhance Creativity and Productivity

Access intelligent, context-sensitive recaps of your meetings at any time. Brainstorm based on past meetings while generating new content ideas through targeted prompts.

Cultivate a Better Customer Experience

Analyze customer feedback across multiple channels and deliver personalized interactions. Optimize your service delivery through insights into customer relationships. 

features & benefits

Bring enterprise-grade calling to Microsoft Teams

Meeting Management

Organize, schedule, and summarize Microsoft Teams meetings via automated meeting management, including reminder emails.

Office 365 Integration

Copilot is fully integrated with Microsoft’s other Office 365 products to ensure your workflows remain uninterrupted. 

Real-time Call Assistance

Stay focused on your conversation while automatically taking notes that drill down to your main discussion points.

Content Generation

Write emails, meeting recaps, and more with Copilot’s content generation capabilities. 


Break down language barriers and improve communication with automatic translation. 

Idea Generation

Use Copilot as a powerful brainstorming tool and come up with new ideas based on what you already know.

Prompt Creation

Once a meeting concludes, Copilot analyzes the meeting transcript to generate responses to common prompts. 

Secure Communication

Copilot is designed with security in mind, so you can make the most of its powerful features without worrying about your data.

Tailored Insights

Through Office 365 integration, Copilot learns to generate insights based on your business’s content, context, and strategies.

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