Maximize network performance between endpoints

Support critical business applications, distributed work, and more with Momentum Navigator — the only SD-WAN solution on the market leveraging Juniper Mist AI.

Why Choose Momentum?

Experience the new standard in future-focused network management

Move beyond your biggest performance challenges with a Juniper MIST AI-powered SD-WAN solution tailored to your exact needs. Momentum boosts your bandwidth, increases application availability, and provides dynamic and versatile connectivity for any use case.

Trusted by 30,000+ locations globally

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MPLS vs. SD-WAN: What’s the best choice for your business?

Deciding between MPLS and SD-WAN? Download our quick guide comparing these two options, so you can make the best choice for your business.


Accelerate your business operations with a scalable, software-defined network

Streamline network traffic

Easily prioritize applications with intelligent routing to both reduce bandwidth costs and improve performance.

Centralize management

Gain real-time visibility into your network while easily implementing policies and updates using a single dashboard.

Enhance security

Safeguard your users and enable zero-trust networking with encrypted end-to-end tunnels, network segmentation, and SASE.

Work with a leading expert

Drawing on decades of expertise, Momentum will ensure your SD-WAN deployment is a perfect fit for your needs.

Increase scalability

Navigator SD-WAN seamlessly virtualizes your network’s edges, enabling scaling with no impact on infrastructure configuration. Hardware includes devices with up to 10GB ports

Access best-in-class features

Combine functionality like multi-path prioritization, NAT pools, and App ID with a comprehensive portfolio of synergistic services.
The Momentum Difference

Build your ideal enterprise network with Momentum

Powered by Juniper Networks and backed by 24×7 world-class support, Momentum’s award-winning Navigator SD-WAN solution empowers your business to grow, innovate, and thrive. Whether you need to support business-critical applications or expand into new markets, Momentum makes it easy to:


Your partner in business connectivity

Momentum gives your business services and solutions it needs to thrive. Enhance productivity and drive growth with custom solutions for connectivity, collaboration, engagement, and more. Experience the Momentum Difference firsthand.

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Streamlined Connectivity

Move from inflexible MPLS networks to streamlined connectivity

Overcome the connectivity challenges of cloud-based applications with Momentum Navigator. Position yourself for business success with widely available, low-cost broadband and a dynamic, versatile, and innovative configuration.