What are managed network solutions and why do you need them?

The need for secure and cost-effective networks is growing. Digital transformation is becoming a requirement. Applications are moving to the cloud. Employees are working remotely. Cyber criminals are attacking companies of all sizes and in all industries. And the list goes on. Managed network solutions are helping companies meet all these challenges.

Managed network solutions consist of applications and services that you outsource – so that real experts can operate and maintain your network to keep it running smoothly. Discussed below are a range of managed network solutions that you can explore depending on your requirements.

Components of Managed Network Solutions

There are various managed network solutions that satisfy different requirements, from the simple to the complex. Momentum can help you determine which solution is right for your company.

Global Internet Access and Transport

Momentum’s global internet is a solution that provides scalability, diversity, and ease of integration. It allows you to handle more data and add more bandwidth. You can choose from dedicated internet, Ethernet, high-capacity broadband, point to point Ethernet, and Metro Ethernet.


Software-defined wide area networking, or SD-WAN, is the future standard for networking. The software that operates SD-WAN gives you the intelligence you need to overcome the challenges of using the internet for access to mission-critical business applications. It provides a dynamic and very flexible way to configure your network transmissions.

SD-WAN solutions automatically decide which route to use for your most critical transmissions. For example, a critical connection to your cloud applications won’t be second in line behind low-priority emails. In addition, Momentum’s SD-WAN solution powered by Juniper Networks offers ironclad security that will help you avoid cyber attacks that could cripple your organization.

Wave and Fiber

You can increase the capacity of your network with high capacity services from Momentum. These solutions use fiber and wave broadband for connectivity.

Colocation and Data Center Services

Momentum has access to data centers around the world and can help you find the best place to locate your technology. We can help with full or half racks, cages, and data center design and build.

Benefits of Managed Network Solutions

Managed network solutions solve a lot of the issues you run into when you’re managing your network yourself.

  • Controlling costs. A managed network provider helps you to lower costs due to better utilization, and your costs are more predictable.
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage. Companies using the latest networking solutions do a better job of supporting customers as well as their internal staff. A managed network provider can keep you on the leading edge of technology to make your company more competitive.
  • Flexibility and scalability. With over 500 global carrier partners, Momentum can design and deploy flexible solutions that scale with your business’s growing data needs.
  • Increasing productivity. Leave the monitoring and maintenance to the experts so your internal resources can focus their attention on other critical projects.
  • High Network Availability. A managed network provider will operate under a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees uptime.

How Momentum Can Help

Momentum offers a complete range of managed network solutions. In addition, you’ll experience the Momentum Difference. What is the Momentum Difference? You’ll see it in three essential areas.

  • Measurable quality that you can track with our exclusive voice and managed network monitoring tools
  • Advanced services that require little equipment and offer cutting-edge features, scalability, and easy administration
  • Superior customer support from well-trained representatives who are available 24/7/365

If you need to improve your network, control costs, and give your business the technology it needs to grow, contact Momentum to learn more.

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