5 Benefits of Cloud Services for a remote workforce

83%1 of employers say they’ve made a successful shift to remote work. Most businesses are settled into these remote and hybrid work arrangements going into 2022, and many are evaluating where they can make improvements to their telecom and IT infrastructure.

Sound like a familiar undertaking? You might need the support of a managed cloud services provider (MCSP) like Momentum.

Partnering with an MCSP offers five key benefits:

1. Collaboration & Communication

Momentum meets the need for real-time communication and collaboration for dispersed teams with our technologically advanced productivity tools. Empower your remote and hybrid workforce to sync up while meeting your standards for reliability and security with:

  • Unified communications
  • Voice-enabled Microsoft Teams

2. Improved Network Performance

Momentum operates one of the most advanced telecommunications platforms in the world, constructed on multiple carrier-class data centers and self-healing fiber-optic ring networks. Designed with multiple layers of redundancy, our cutting-edge network provides maximum uptime and continuous operation to our customers, along with:

  • Geographic redundancy
  • Data center redundancy and failover
  • Multiple levels of security

3. Enhanced IT Security

Momentum uses a layered and proactive stance against targeted and non-specific attacks. Our state-of-the-art technology helps detect and prevent attacks at the network, host, and service levels. We regularly test these defenses to ensure our customers’ protection is up to date and comprehensive.

4. Mobility & Flexibility

Remote and hybrid teams need solutions that allow them to stay productive – on any device. Momentum Mobility View seamlessly integrates our voice and unified communications platform, completing the overall Momentum solution by focusing on the user and not just the device. Users have access to all the features available to them no matter where they are located or what device they are using.

5. Dedicated Support

We deliver meaningful value and the industry’s best customer experience through a white-glove approach to every step of the customer journey. Our U.S.-based staff implements solutions for our customers – then we stay by your side through the whole process, including post-implementation, to provide ongoing support.

Momentum: The Managed Cloud Service Provider Your Business Has Been Looking For

Remote and hybrid teams need cloud solutions that enable productivity. When you leverage a managed cloud service provider like Momentum, you get the high-performing services that fit your needs and budget – with the added benefit of ongoing white-glove support. Reach out to us to get started with the MCSP partnership you’ve been missing.


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