Momentum Is the managed Cloud Service provider for all your clients’ needs

You may be familiar with a small subset of Momentum’s services – but you and your customers can benefit from knowing about our role as a managed cloud service provider.

Why? Because you want the best for your customers, and many of them want to take advantage of the cloud. Your reputation is linked to your partners’ reputations – so you only want to partner with experienced and reliable managed cloud service providers. Momentum meets those criteria.

You Need to Support Your Customers Moving to the Cloud

The move to the cloud started long before the pandemic hit. Businesses were looking for better cyber security, lower costs, and more features and flexibility. When the pandemic sent employees off to work from home, the need for cloud communications increased rapidly. Today, your customers are looking for the ability to support remote or hybrid workforces, strengthen cyber security, and more – while saving on costs.

You can satisfy all those needs working with a managed cloud provider like Momentum. Momentum offers a wide range of services, which means you and your customers don’t need to coordinate with multiple vendors. You can acquire the capabilities you need and get superior customer support to help you attract new and retain existing customers.

Momentum’s Managed Cloud Service Offerings

As a managed cloud service provider, Momentum offers customized solutions to make sure all your clients get the exact technology they need. We can also provide expert integration for your customers who need more than one cloud platform. We work hard to make sure we define solutions that not only meet your customers’ needs, but are also cost-effective and easily scalable.

When it comes to the critical issue of cyber security, we provide the tools that are required to minimize vulnerabilities and improve your customers’ security profile to help them avoid becoming the victims of cyber attacks.

Your customers undoubtedly spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to keep up with technology in today’s fast-moving cloud environment. When you partner with Momentum, we’ll provide your customers with the latest in cloud technology – and they won’t need to lift a finger. Here are the services you can promote to your customers.

Managed Network Services

With Momentum, you and your customers will have access to a variety of internet connectivity options and over 500 carriers, including AT&T and Verizon. We also provide integration with leading cloud solutions providers such as Google and AWS. Our managed network services will always be tailored to each of your customers’ needs.

Our award-winning Navigator SD-WAN solution gives your customers real-time visibility and control over network and application performance. In addition, we have access to data centers around the world and can implement colocation installations for your customers, regardless of their location.

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

Momentum’s award-winning UCaaS solutions use a central platform to address all voice and video communications requirements. Our cloud-based voice communications offer unsurpassed scalability and reliability. Voice-enabled Microsoft Teams and Momentum Connect with Webex installations allow for collaboration among your employees, customers, and suppliers, regardless of their location.

Additional Services

We also offer other state-of-the-art services, including:

  • Omni-channel Contact Centers
  • Call Recording and Reporting
  • CRM Integration
  • IVR

Why Choose Momentum as a Managed Cloud Provider?

A managed cloud services provider takes responsibility for making sure your cloud applications are running smoothly, and Momentum does an outstanding job of meeting that responsibility. We call it the Momentum Difference.

With our solutions, you and your customers receive superior service. We’re confident that we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for service and support. The advanced services we provide will also give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

When you partner with Momentum, we all work together to be successful. Whether you’re a channel partner, technology partner, or wholesale partner, you’ll get the expertise, advice, and technology that will allow both you and your customers to meet your goals.

A number of resources will help you get more information about Momentum and our services, including our white paper “How Managed Network Services by Momentum Can Help Your Business Grow.” Download your copy now and learn more about the burgeoning managed network services industry and Momentum’s capabilities in that arena. And, as always, if you want to grow your business, contact us any time to reach one of our managed cloud specialists.

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