What is Hosted VoIP? Features & benefits explained

Business communications are changing to adapt to the way we work with technology. Today we have new needs that didn’t exist on a mainstream level a decade ago. Even before a global pandemic forced the issue, more than 4 million workers worldwide were remote at least part of the time. Between video conferencing, connectivity, and a growing need for secure communications, VoIP is changing the game for keeping businesses in touch.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) uses internet networks to transmit data at lightning-fast speeds instead of traditional copper telephone wiring. This digital communication system requires the use of a server to exchange data. Sometimes businesses host their own servers on-site, but they often lease server space from a host. The latter is hosted by VoIP.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Companies that choose a hosted VoIP solution can access the benefits of digital communications without the expenses of equipment and infrastructure to make the technology work. A third-party host takes care of the details in exchange for a subscription fee. A hosted VoIP service is essentially the same setup that runs your internet. Besides a reliable host, the only thing that businesses need is a stable and secure high-speed internet connection.

Features of Hosted VoIP Service

The individual features and how they are billed vary by host. At a minimum, businesses can expect to receive all the standard telephone features like voicemail, conference calling, and speed dial. But companies are changing to hosted VoIP solutions because they can access many more features for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional telephone lines and PBX systems. Here are some common features to keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Sophisticated Call Management: VoIP offers the flexibility to route calls to different locations to keep remote workers and office workers under a unified point of contact. This type of call management is not available with PBX systems.
  • Unlimited Calling: With internet-based communications, the days of paying for long-distance are long gone.
  • Auto Attendants: VoIP hosts generally offer complex call navigation menus that help you route callers to the correct departments without staffing a receptionist to answer the phones.
  • Easy Extension & Number Changes: Updating your internal networks, extension numbers, and telephone numbers is a breeze with hosted VoIP solutions that are completely scalable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Instant Messaging: Connect with your teams and customers using a variety of avenues, including instant messaging capabilities.
  • Advanced Voicemail Features: You can generally get voicemail on any phone system, but VoIP systems tend to have more bells and whistles. You may be able to get your voicemails dictated to text and emailed for convenience.
  • Integrated Video Conferencing: Use your phone system to connect with your team through Zoom or Microsoft Teams or any other convenient platform.
  • Online Fax: And for those industries that still won’t let go of their fax machines, streamline your communication with internet-based facsimile.

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Benefits of Hosted VoIP Solutions

A hosted VoIP communications system is built for the digital age. The long list of features that simply aren’t available with PBX phone systems is often enough to convenience cutting-edge companies to make the switch. But just in case you need a few more reasons, here are the benefits of going digital.

Secure Communications

Communications routed through servers automatically use advanced encryption keys for built-in security. Your voice conversations, video calls, and direct messages all benefit from the same level of security that you’re accustomed to with your internet networks.

Cost-Effective Solutions

One of the biggest draws to VoIP communications is the affordability. Consider this; if you’re using an analog PBX system, you must purchase trunks of lines in a set number. If you need to add one or two lines, you’ll probably have to pay for another trunk that contains 23 to 28 lines. That means that you’re always paying for more than you need. In this case, hosted VoIP is a clear winner on cost.

The monthly, flat-fee pricing model used by hosted VoIP providers is far cheaper and easier to budget for, especially for small businesses and startups with no cash flow. Companies can pay for hosting packages that accommodate the exact number of users they need. And it’s just the service because the hosting provider covers equipment and infrastructure costs.

All-Inclusive Service

When you purchase hosted VoIP services, the hosting provider takes care of maintenance and technical support, giving you a point of contact when you have questions or problems. Not being on the hook to fix your own networking problems can be invaluable for many companies.

Forward-Thinking Communications Poised for Future Growth

Technology is shaping the future of business. While a hosted VoIP communications solution is a smart choice right now, the day is coming when it will be necessary. Most customers are already accustomed to omnichannel communications with the brands they love. And as we continue down this tech-driven path, consumers are likely to have less patience for brands who are stuck in the mud with the limitations of old technologies.

The Bottom Line on Hosted VoIP Services

Hosted VoIP providers are offering an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solution that is a no-brainer when it comes to the next generation of business communications. The ability to keep remote workers connected with secure, encrypted communications and a unified business presence is a big selling point. As we settle into the future of work with more hybrid roles and a lot more technology in our workflows, we need communications that integrate seamlessly.

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