Your business advantage with SD-WAN begins with the Momentum difference

If your company, like most in this post-pandemic world, needs to support remote workers, has multiple locations, or uses the cloud, your network is the most critical piece of technology you own. Your business relies on a fast, secure, and always-on network to maintain your business advantage over your competitors. Navigator SD-WAN from Momentum gives you a network that operates at peak performance without interruption to help you meet your goals.

What Is SD-WAN?

A software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) uses a central software controller to intelligently direct traffic. SD-WAN architecture takes network traffic where it needs to go, without worrying about going through central routers. In addition, the controller is application-aware and can route traffic using the best networking option for that traffic.

SD-WAN can increase network and application performance. It allows you to reliably use internet connections for critical business applications and can reduce costs because you’re using your full bandwidth intelligently.

But, not all SD-WAN solutions are created equal.

The Momentum Navigator SD-WAN Difference

You can get an even bigger competitive advantage with Momentum’s Navigator SD-WAN. In fact, it was awarded with the 2021 INTERNET TELEPHONY SD‐WAN Product of the Year Award by TMC, a global integrated media company. The award recognizes exceptional innovation that is leading the way for SD-WAN systems.

Here are just some of the Momentum Navigator SD-WAN advantages:

Simplified Hardware

  • Momentum Navigator SD-WAN runs on universal customer-premises equipment (CPE) hardware, enabling high-speed networking and SDN/NFV orchestration supporting multi-WAN fiber, carrier Ethernet, and 4G/LTE uplinks.

Big Savings on Bandwidth

  • You can connect multiple failover sites across multiple networks without the use of IPSec tunnels – and cut bandwidth costs in half with Juniper’s proprietary secure vector routing.

Ironclad Security

  • Momentum Navigator SD-WAN can help you build your zero-trust network. Additional SD-WAN features include: adaptive encryption, app ID for monitoring, classification and prioritization, SNAT/DNAT, NAT pools, and multi-path routing.

For more information, watch the Navigator SD-WAN video and download the free product sheet.

Find Out How the Momentum Navigator SD-WAN Solution Can Work for You

Every business has unique needs. Momentum’s Navigator offers a range of capabilities. How will you use Navigator to give your business a competitive edge?

Are you working at a construction site with no physical infrastructure?

We’ve got you covered with Momentum Navigator and wireless LTE capabilities.

Do your remote locations access cloud applications?

With Navigator, your branch locations and remote workers will have secure, direct internet connections.

Do you have a critical need for 24/7 redundant uptime?

We’ve got you covered with backup and failover options.

Are you using a cloud-first strategy?

We’ve got you covered with branch and cloud connectivity, ironclad security, network visibility, and centralized management for application prioritization.

Our advanced services use the latest technologies to enhance functionality and productivity, while requiring little equipment. For example, our distinctive voice-quality measurement tool measures voice quality to ensure we are providing exceptional service in all aspects.

In addition, we provide superior customer support and white-glove service to make sure that our customers are delighted with their Momentum experience. Call us at 888-538-3960 or send an email today to talk to our experts about how you can start profiting from Momentum’s Navigator SD-WAN.

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