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Integrate Faxing Into Microsoft Teams: Introducing Momentum's Fax to Teams App

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Fully compliant

Momentum Teams Faxing solution meets healthcare and finance compliance requirements and security standards.

Fax from anywhere

Empower your staff to send and receive faxes from anywhere and at any time using a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or fax machine.

Reduce overhead

Use less paper and ink, eliminate fax machine service calls, analog lines and gain back hours of productivity back.

How it works

Effortlessly share, send, and store documents within Microsoft Teams

Receive External Faxes

Effortlessly receive faxes from external sources directly into your Microsoft Teams environment.

Manage in Teams

Both individuals and groups can send and receive faxes through the fax application.

Groups or Individuals

Increase productivity, flexibility, and autonomy with a comprehensive suite of self-service tools and features accessible from entirely within Microsoft Teams.

Send Faxes

Easily send faxes to external recipients directly from Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need for separate fax machines or software.

Store in Sharepoint

Automatically store all fax communications securely in SharePoint, ensuring easy retrieval and compliance with document management policies.

Unleash Faxing in Teams

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Replace your outdated fax machine with a secure and full-featured cloud fax solution, accessible entirely within Microsoft Teams.

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