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Address the Needs of a Hybrid Workforce with Cloud Communications

 Virtually every company had to address the issue of a remote workforce when the pandemic hit in 2020. Today, research indicates [1] that a hybrid workforce – where some employees work in the office, some work from home, and some split their time between the office and home – is likely to be the future of work. Cloud communications is a critical component because one of the biggest challenges business leaders face is ensuring that all employees interact effectively, regardless of where they’re based. 


Why Are Cloud Communications Critical? 

Your hybrid workforce needs the ability to communicate across all channels, whether they’re in the office or at home. Moving your communication capabilities to the cloud is the only thing that can enable you to develop a comprehensive and simplified solution – one where all of your employees will feel that they have complete access to business systems and to collaboration tools that will help hybrid teams work together effectively. 

Whether you have multiple locations, road warriors, or employees working from home, you need a communications solution that gives every employee the feeling that they are part of the same company. 


What Technologies Support a Hybrid Workforce? 

As a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider, Momentum Telecom has extensive experience providing unified communications across mainstream mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Here are several unified communications technologies we offer to address the needs of a hybrid workforce. 


Network Solutions 

To support a hybrid workforce, your network needs to be extremely secure and operating at peak performance without interruption 24/7/365. You don’t want remote workers using unreliable internet or WiFi connections to access your critical business applications. Global connectivity options and managed services such as software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) will give you the service levels and security you need. 



Traditional phone service technologies are becoming obsolete in favor of a cloud voice solution. Cloud voice gives you innovative features that go far beyond what a traditional phone system can offer. Momentum’s Cloud Voice offers reliable phone service on an unparalleled network, with the advantages of cutting-edge tools and advanced technology. 



Your hybrid workforce needs the ability to stay engaged, available, and online – regardless of what device they’re using. By seamlessly integrating Momentum’s voice and unified communications platform, Mobility View and voice-enabled direct-routing Microsoft Teams completes the overall Momentum solution by focusing on the user and not just the device. This allows users to take advantage of all the features available to them securely, no matter where they are located or what device they are using. 



This is one of the keys to making a remote workforce productive. Providing collaboration tools with voice, video, and screen sharing capabilities, such as MS Teams, gives your workforce the ability to interact freely, whether they are in the office or at home. It’s what makes a hybrid workforce operate like a cohesive in-person team. 


Why Momentum? 

We’re confident that we will meet or exceed customers’ expectations. We call it the Momentum Difference. Momentum can offer you outstanding voice quality, advanced services, white-glove implementation, and our support is second to none. Our “white glove” service is a gold standard in the industry. 

We invite you to join the 450,000 users that rely on Momentum for their cloud voice and unified communications needs. Learn how we can work together to help your hybrid workforce succeed by contacting us today. 


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