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How To Get Your Customers Thriving (Not Just Surviving) in the Wake of the Pandemic

The way we approach work has been altered, potentially for good. While the workforce may not be completely remote, it doesn’t look the way it did before either. In the wake of the pandemic, we’re seeing the rise of the hybrid workforce. 

How can today’s businesses ensure their customers are set up to be as successful as possible when they can’t meet face to face?  With the right communication tools and unified communications provider, your customers will have the tools needed to seamlessly adapt to these changes, without risking collaboration or communication. 

Let’s consider why collaboration is more important than ever and how you can ensure that your customers can keep pace with the new normal. 

Collaboration Is Key in Distributed Teams

Unified communications tools can help drive success in today’s new business environment. Find a provider that will offer white-glove service while enabling you to provide your customers with the best experience possible.  

For example, look for the following capabilities and benefits: 

Moving Away From the Traditional Phone Service

Today’s businesses are opting for cloud voice solutions rather than traditional phone service. These solutions provide a reliable experience that ensures the scalability needed to grow with an organization. Automatic upgrades mitigate the need to replace integral systems, and disaster recovery ensures that calls will be instantly rerouted if needed. 

Boosting Productivity With Video Calls and Conferences

To keep employees engaged in meetings and help drive collaboration when it’s not possible to meet in person, video calling and conferencing is key. Businesses will benefit from nurturing teamwork regardless of where team members are in the world. 

Why video? It helps keep teams productive, boosts participation in meetings, and promotes brainstorming. 

Promoting Collaboration With Desktop Sharing

One of the features of collaborative unified communications tools is the ability to share your desktop view with others. No need to email documents back and forth, you can share them in real time during your meetings. There are truly no limits to the way we communicate when using the right collaboration tools


Mobility solutions are critical and ensure that work can continue as usual, even when employees are on the move. Users can have access to all features regardless of which device they’re using. This allows businesses to access all communication services on a central platform from any device. Users will gain a seamless experience that enables them to instantly send and receive messages and make calls from any device.  

Set Your Customers up for Future Success

Although the workforce has changed, communication doesn’t have to suffer. Businesses can adapt quickly with the teleconferencing tools we discussed here. 

By using the right unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider, you can ensure that your customers don’t just survive 2021 but that they thrive, now and in the future. Effective communication and collaboration technologies are the tools needed to get there successfully.  

Momentum can help you grow your customers and keep them connected and happy. Get in touch with us to find out more about how our solutions can set your clients up for success. 

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